Chad Bowman, Managing Partner, Healthy Options Vending, Pleasanton, CA

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your “Pricing For Profit” workshop. It’s about time someone spilled the beans on where profit really comes from and how to get more of it. Before your seminar, I was too busy building our business to stop and take a look at where we were making our money. In your workshop, you made a strong case for why profitability needs to drive decisions and how business success depends on it. I now see sales and profits in a whole new light!

In acting upon your recommendations, we immediately stopped our frequent practice of lowering prices and immediately started looking at the profitability of each market we were servicing. We found that we were not making money where we thought we were, so we stopped selling to certain markets and started specifically targeting others. In the short-term, we are saving thousands of dollars by not chasing the kinds of customers we used to target. In the long-term, we will be adding more of the profitable, higher margin clients that will help take our small business to the next level.