Frequently Asked Questions About Profit Margin Magic

Q. Do I need this course if I have an accountant?

A. Yes. As you’ll discover in Profit Margin Magic, the numbers that your accountant gives you provide a skewed and incomplete picture of how profitable your company really is. If you’re relying strictly on the profit & loss statement and balance sheet you receive each month, you’re operating with incomplete information – and probably making poor management choices as a result. Discover how to accurately gauge and increase your company’s profitability – order Profit Margin Magic now.

Q. It sounds like you talk a lot about sales and marketing. What does this have to do with profits?

A. Everything! Marketing helps you target the high-profit, low-maintenance clients who are willing to pay a premium price for your service. An effective sales program will help prospects recognize the incredible value and benefits you provide. The more value they recognize and the greater the premium they place on the products and services you provide … the greater your profit! Order Profit Margin Magic now.

Q. What type of satisfaction guarantee do you offer?

A. Not only do I guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your investment – I guarantee that you’ll get results! If you don’t generate at least $6,000 in profit in the next 12 months (that’s a 20x return on your investment), I demand that you let me know so I can refund every penny of your investment. Order Profit Margin Magic now.

Q: What if I lose customers?

A: You have virtually no risk of losing a customer. Most business owners fear that raising profit means raising prices – which clients will defect to a competitor. Profit Margin Magic teaches 6 powerful strategies for increasing your profits even if you don’t raise your prices.

And if you do happen to lose a customer or two? Celebrate – because the clients that choose to leave are typically the low-margin customers who cost your business more than they’re worth. With the proven strategies you’ll discover in Profit Margin Magic, you’ll be able to quickly replace them with better, higher-margin customers.

Q: How long does it take to generate bigger profits?

A: You’ll begin to enjoy fatter margins almost immediately. You’ll be able to implement some strategies within an hour of learning them. Others will take a bit more time to implement. The more strategies you implement, the more your profits will grow.