History & Background


Fat Margins was founded in 1996 by Charles Moyer to help business owners build profitable, sustainable businesses they could sell for top dollar at the time of their choice. Business owners who implement the systems and procedures taught by Fat Margins are:

  • Often able to add 20 -200% or more to their net income.
  • Able to sell their businesses for at least twice as much than those who don’t make their businesses “sell-ready.”


What makes Fat Margins’ program unique?

Two big concepts

  • The focus on increasing profit margins, and thereby increasing the profitability of sales.
  • The emphasis on teaching business owners how to maximize the market value and salability of their businesses.

Implementing Fat Margins’ programs will result in immediate profit and cash flow increases, but the biggest payoff comes later, when the business is sold and the owner receives payment for the goodwill value that has built-up over the life of the business.

Goodwill often represents over half of the selling price for a business that demonstrates profitability and has been properly groomed for sale.