chuckHi, I’m Charles Moyer, the founder and president of Fat Margins, a firm founded in 1996 to help independent business owners increase the profitability of their companies while building them into highly valuable and saleable assets.

For 20 years, I ran my own CPA practice, where I worked with independent business owners just like you. That’s where I learned first-hand that the key to business success (contrary to popular opinion) was NOT chasing after more and more low-margin sales by slashing prices to the bone, trying to match low-balling competitors’ prices.

Year after year, I’d watch countless businesses struggle to survive … and then die. Why? Because their owners followed conventional business wisdom, which says that increasing sales and cutting costs are the only two ways to increase profit. I knew differently.
The REAL key to profitability is to sell the right customers
the right products at the right price.

Success comes from earning full margins when selling your company’s products and services – NOT from increasing revenue and/or cutting costs. When you sacrifice margins to earn a sale, you don’t generate the money you need to grow and thrive. In many cases, low-margin sales mean you actually lose money on the transaction.

Two compelling statistics prove this point:

  • Recent studies conducted by MIT have shown that most businesses subsidize 15% to 40% of their customers. That’s right! They actually spend more getting sales from these customers than they end up taking in.
  • According to multiple sources, 92% of companies sell their products and services at prices that are too low, and that 4% price them too high. As you can see, the vast majority lose money due to pricing errors. Only about 4% of all companies know how to price for maximum profit.

But clients who used my strategies for increasing profit margins not only generated greater cash flow and more profit – they usually increased their sales, as well.

I decided that it was time to spread my message about how business success is really achieved. And Fat Margins was born.

Today, my company helps businesses owners across a variety of industries mine the 3 most fertile areas for finding untapped profit:

  • Better targeting of high-profit customers
  • Eliminating or restructuring relationships with low- and no-profit customers
  • Improving pricing skills

I’ve worked with companies selling high-priced products like aircraft … and companies selling low-priced items like auto parts and bottles of wine. Regardless of what you’re selling, these proven strategies work to increase your cash flow and fatten your bottom line.

Now I’m ready to help you with my new online training program…