Paul M. Lux, partner, Lux Brothers Painting, Pleasanton, CA

While I was initially interested in the topic of the Seminar, I was apprehensive about the amount of measurable value I would receive. I have since been surprisingly pleased! Your style of facilitating the time seemed more like a learned uncle or old friend imparting wisdom amongst friends rather than a stuffy lecture or brain dump of statistics. You casually created a very synergistic environment where all participants felt comfortable to share and were open to let the group take discussions to areas that affected our businesses the most.

We have benefited from the seminar in a number of ways. First, we are encouraged through your kind support and empirical data to ask a premium price for our services. This has not resulted in a decrease of customers, but rather in an approximate 15% increase of customers due to our confidence and customer preparation in the initial meetings. We no longer feel slightly apologetic for the price we feel we deserve. Second, we have a consistency on our calendar as all the jobs booked are at the appropriate price. Third, we are enjoying an approximate 10-15% increase in overall revenue due to the price increase.