Unconventional Pricing Strategies to Boost Profits – and Industry Dominance

Most Business Owners Don’t Know How to Price and Sell for PROFIT.

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“A fat profit margin is the #1 factor in determining a company’s health and longevity – and whether you’re adequately compensated for the work and risks you take as an entrepreneur.”

~ Chuck Moyer

Do your members, clients and customers struggle with cash flow issues? Are they losing the price war to Amazon, watching their piece of the pie shrink year by year? Do they struggle to maintain the status quo … failing to generate the healthy profits needed to invest and expand their companies?

The problem?

They don’t know the right way to price and sell their products and services to generate fat profit margins.

That’s where Chuck Moyer can help.

The founder and president of Fat Margins, Chuck brings almost 40 years of experience as a business profitability advisor  and entrepreneur, including 20 years leading his own Certified Public Accounting firm. His passion for helping business owners generate the profits needed to help their companies thrive – and to reward them for taking the risk of entrepreneurship – grew from personal experience.

In 1973, Chuck’s dad, a World War II Navy veteran, started a small engine repair business. Business boomed from the first day he opened his doors, largely because he charged half of what his competitors charged.

The same year, Chuck went to work for the CPA firm that prepared his father’s taxes. Chuck quickly identified a problem: His dad’s prices were too low. He instructed, encouraged, badgered and even begged his dad to charge more for his valuable, high-quality services. But not wanting to appear greedy or ruthless, his father chose to stick to his path of being the lowest-priced provider.

His strategy of underbidding the competition worked until the late 1990s, when his health began to fail. Because he hadn’t charged enough over the years to create a healthy profit margin, Chuck’s dad didn’t have a comfortable nest egg to fund his retirement. Honest, talented, and a hard worker, he spent his final years in poor health, scraping by on his meager Social Security payment.

The kicker? Had he started out offering services at the industry average and then raised his prices a measly $1 per year, he would have ended up with an extra $2 million when he retired.

Millions of other business owners – the very professionals your organization serves — are making the exact same mistakes Chuck’s dad made. They aren’t pricing their products and services correctly. They too often drop their prices unnecessarily and/or too much in the pursuit of new clients. And they don’t understand all of the factors that contribute to a robust profit margin that allows them to grow their businesses, attract top talent – and pay themselves at least what they’re worth on the open market … if not more.

You have the power to positively affect the businesses and lives of your members, clients and customers. Hire Chuck to speak at your next conference, meeting, or event – so he can share his unconventional pricing wisdom to help them fatten their profit margins, gain market share, and enjoy peace of mind. Request more information here.

Presentation Topics to Help Your Audience Fatten Their Profit Margins

  • Profit Margin Mastery: The 4 Key Elements for Creating Healthy Profit Margins

    The success of a business doesn’t depend on its sales volume. It depends on profitability. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t understand what it really takes to create a fat profit margin, focusing instead on increasing sales and/or cutting expenses. Discover the 4 critical profit elements you must manage to maximize profitability, the most dangerous pricing obstacles that sabotage your ability to boost margins, 7 time-tested margin-building tactics, and other practical strategies you’ll be able to implement immediately.

  • Pricing for Profit: Earn More on Every Sale – Without Losing Customers

    More than 90% of businesses underprice their products and services, causing them to leave up to half their profits in their customers’ bank accounts. Owners believe that prices are set by suppliers, competitors, or customers – a crucial mistake that costs them thousands of dollars every year. Discover how to take control of pricing to earn more money immediately – and protect your business from tough times ahead. You’ll learn how to determine whether your prices are too low, too high, or just right; why cost-based pricing destroys profitability; specific pricing techniques including building tiers, fencing, and velocity; and much more.

  • High-Profit Sales: How to Find and Keep Full-Price Customers

    To maintain sales volume, many businesses resort to chasing any and all prospects while offering deep discounts to get orders. But getting more customers isn’t enough to guarantee success; you need to attract the right customers. Long-term success hinges on selling only to profitable customers. Business owners and sales professionals will discover innovative strategies and techniques to close more sales, at higher prices, and keep their customers longer. They’ll learn how discounting destroys long-term success, the real reason prospects choose to buy or not to buy (hint: it is NOT the price), how to know which customers are profitable and which are not, and much more.

  • How to Raise Prices – Without Raising Prices: 11 Risk-Free Ways to Grow Your Company’s Profit Margins

    Businesses raise prices because they need to make more money. But raising prices carries the risk of angering customers who then take their spending power to a competitor. Discover proven strategies that naturally increase profits – without having to charge more for products and services. Business owners will learn a secret for getting key personnel focused on generating referrals, higher-margin sales, and more frequent purchases. They’ll also understand one of the biggest ways that their sales team undermines profitability – and how to quickly address the issue. The end result of implementing these time-tested strategies? Happier and more loyal clients, increased sales – and fatter profit margins.

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