Profit Margin Magic

profitmarginpkg3Profit Margin Magic is a system that teaches business owners how to:

  • Discover the Profit-Boosting Secrets Used by Top Companies to Dominate Their Industries …
  • So You Can Increase Your Bottom-Line Profits by 35-100% (or More),
  • Increase Your Cash Flow, Enjoy More Free Time, and Deal With Far Fewer Headaches
  • Guaranteed!

What’s included in the box:

  • 10 comprehensive lessons in PDF format (click a lesson for more info)
  • 6 templates and worksheets
    • Economic Profitability Calculation Template
    • Business Valuation Template
    • Price/Cost Change Calculator
    • Discount-Sensitivity Analysis
    • Pricing Proficiency Assessment
    • Competitor Analysis Matrix
  • Free weekly telephone coaching
  • 2-part, total satisfaction guarantee:
    • Part 1: 30-Day Risk Free Review. You can review the course in the next 30 days, use the calculators and templates, and begin applying the strategies. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you will receive a complete refund of your entire investment – no questions asked.
    • Part 2: 20x ROI in the Next 12 Months. You will implement everything you learn in the Profit Margin Magic course. If you don’t increase your company’s profit by at least $6,000 over the next 12 months, you’ll send Charles a letter explaining what you’ve done to implement the program and the results you’ve achieved, and your investment will be promptly refunded in full.


Profit Margin Magic delivers the expert guidance and step-by-step instructions to help you:

  • Attract and keep more high-profit customers … while tactfully avoiding the customers who cost you far more than they’re worth
  • Sell your products and services at prices that earn maximum profit … so you stop leaving your money in your customers’ bank accounts
  • Earn more than you ever thought possible starting now … so you can realize your dreams, put your financial worries away forever, and enjoy greater peace of mind
  • Guarantee yourself a 6 to 7-figure retirement nest egg by transforming your company into a highly valuable and sellable asset
  • Gain more discretionary time that you can use to grow your business, pursue hobbies, spend with your family, or any other way you choose


The #1 reason businesses fail is that their margins are too thin to cover costs AND leave a profit. Answer Yes or No to the following questions, then read down to score your business.

  • Does Your Company Have Untapped Profit Potential?
  • Are you pleased with your company’s financial performance?
  • Is it as profitable as you’d like it to be?
  • Is it producing sufficient cash flow?
  • Is it growing as fast as you’d like it to?
  • Are its profit margins holding steady?
  • Is it enjoying a steady stream of new, high profit customers?
  • Is it wringing every bit of profit possible out of its sales?
  • Is its market value growing so that it can be sold for a large pile of cash?
  • Can you take as much time off as you’d like and have your business run properly while you’re away?
  • Are you generating at least a 25% annual return on the capital you have invested in it?
  • Are you earning a salary and benefits that are equal or greater than what you’d receive if you had a “real” job?

If you said “No” to even a single one of these questions … You’re Losing Money AND Time

Each “no” answer indicates that your business isn’t doing as well as it should. And that means you have to work harder and longer just to make up for its lack of profit.

If your business was operating at the level it should:

  • It would take far less time to earn sufficient profit
  • The poor performance penalty you’re now paying would go away (it’s now showing up as higher interest rates, loss of discounts, and second-class treatment by suppliers
  • You’d have time to work on your business instead of in it
  • You’d have more cash to invest in your company’s growth and your own financial security
  • You’d enjoy more free time to devote to hobbies and other fun activities you like

Not only that, your frustration level would be reduced …the chances failing would go way down…and you wouldn’t worry so much about your future.

The more no’s you gave in the quiz above…the more cash you’re losing.

The money and time that you’re losing rightfully belong to you…however once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

But there is good news …

Increasing your bottom-line profits by 35% to 100% (or more) — while also increasing and speeding up cash flow – is simple, fast, and easy IF you know what to do. (Finally, a way to guarantee that you’ll no longer be at the mercy of your price-slashing competitors!)

Discover the Secrets to Systematically Building Your Profit Margin

Profit Margin Magic is an online training program consisting of 10 lessons that you complete at your own pace in the privacy of your office or home. Lesson 1 begins by building the foundation for the program, and each subsequent lesson adds an additional skill.

Each lesson includes FREE WEEKLY TELEPHONE COACHING – an extraordinary value guaranteed to keep you on track as you work towards transforming your company into a valuable and sellable asset.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll know how to:

  • Attract and keep high-profit customers … while avoiding customers who cost you more than they’re worth
  • Price your products and services properly so that you stop leaving your money in your customers’ bank accounts
  • Transform your business into a highly valuable and saleable asset
  • Assure your company’s long-term success
  • Start earning more than you ever thought possible
  • Find out how to get your customers to buy more, pay more, and refer more

Business owners who complete the Profit Margin Magic course typically experience a 3% – 10% increase in their companies’ revenues… and a 35% – 100% increase in their net incomes. The end result is an additional $30K – $100K of profit for every $1 million of pre-course sales revenue.

Projecting results this high may seem like extravagant claims that are hard to believe, but when the methods, strategies, and techniques that you learn are incorporated into a company’s daily operations, returns like these are not only possible … they’re inevitable.


Is This Course Right For You?

Profit Margin Magic was designed for the owners of distribution companies and service businesses, including professional practices. Warning signs that your company is not generating the profit margins it could – and should – include:

  • You frequently feel like you have to lower prices or offer discounts to be competitive.
  • You aren’t confident about your prices or the process you used in setting them.
  • You believe that every customer should be charged the same price when purchasing an identical product or service.
  • You assume that your most profitable customers are those who spend the most money with you, those who pay the fastest or those you like doing business with the most (or, on the other hand, you can’t even begin to guess who your most profitable customers are).
  • Your business produces less than a 25% return each year on the capital investment you made into the business.
  • Your business is plagued by cash flow issues.
  • You’re not earning as big of salary – or as robust of a benefits package – as you would if you had a “real” job.
  • You feel like you’re stuck in your business and can’t see anything changing in the foreseeable future
  • You want to grow your business … but you don’t have the time and/or money to do it.
  • You want to increase profits, revenue and cash flow … but you simply don’t know how or the best way to proceed
  • You can’t attract or hang onto top talent … and instead have to settle for mediocre staff


What You’ll Learn…

Here are the 90 most valuable profit-building secrets you’ll learn in Profit Margin Magic:

Lesson 1 – Introduction

According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and other respected sources, only about 1 in 20 businesses survives for more than 10 years and ever becomes truly profitable and successful. Discover why this is … and what you can do to beat the odds. You’ll learn:

  • The real reason why so many businesses fail (hint: most business owners mistakenly blame 5 other criteria … which only makes their profit margins worse)
  • The top 3 financial goals of most business owners … and what you should reasonably expect your business to pay for
  • 4 key reasons why increasing your margins should be your top priority – even more than cutting costs or increasing sales
  • Why the traditional method used by accountants to calculate profits is flawed … and the much more effective measurement you should use instead
  • Why discounting your prices (especially to match a competitor) is economic suicide … and how to eliminate the need to ever compete on price
  • The only 6 ways for a business to get cash, no matter how large or small (plus, you’ll discover the only viable long-term source of cash)
  • The 5 key criteria that must be met before your company can be considered truly profitable … and how most business owners shortchange themselves
  • The rate of return you can realistically expect to receive on the capital you have invested in your company (if you aren’t earning at least this amount, you’d be better off getting a job)
  • The 2 requirements your business must meet for it to be saleable (without these, you’ll never be able to sell … meaning you have nothing by a job)
  • The critical ingredient that increases your company’s selling price by 50 to 80%
  • 4 possible strategic directions you can choose for your business … and the pros and cons of each

By the end of Lesson 1, you’ll know whether your business is currently economically profitable – and you’ll have a good idea of its current market value

Lesson 2 – Profit Element Behavior

Every business – from huge Fortune 500 companies down to tiny solo entrepreneurs – has 4 profit elements. Focusing on the right ones makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the effectiveness of your management team – and your company’s profitability. In this lesson, you’ll discover:

  • How the 4 profit elements function … and how changes in each of them affects your company’s profitability
  • The 5 most common terms for “profit” … and why understanding the difference among them is vital to your ability to make financially sound business decisions
  • How to manage the key profit elements for maximum performance
  • The hands-down most important piece of information you need to know to successfully manage your business

By the end of Lesson 2, you’ll understand why spending time on the wrong elements robs you of valuable time – and why focusing on the right ones makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your company’s profitability.

Lesson 3 – Common Profit Building Strategies That Often Backfire

This lesson exposes some of the most common methods business owners use to try to increase the profitability of their companies, and why these methods often backfire. You’ll learn why, instead of increased profit, they often end up costing cash out of pocket.

  • 5 common strategies that many companies use when trying to build profit – and why they can be dangerous to the health of your bottom line
  • Why cutting costs can actually be risky to your business (hint: your best customers are often most affected)
  • Why some sales are vastly more profitable than others
  • The only time it makes sense to offer special pricing promotions
  • Why discounting to certain types of customers is financially dangerous … and what to do instead (you’ll receive a template that lets you calculate to the penny how much profit you’ll lose because of a discount)
  • The surprising reason that increased sales volume isn’t always as great as it seems … and what you’ll need to adjust to handle the demand without hurting your business
  • 7 situations where it might make sense to offer a discount (you’ll discover how to evaluate each situation to avoid losing money on these deals)
  • Why it’s risky to match competitors’ price cuts – and the only way to successfully compete with low-cost, low-price competitors

Lesson 4 – The Margin Building Process

Many business owners fall prey to the age-old, counterproductive “skinny margin” myth which says that a business must offer low prices and match low-balling competitors prices to be successful. As a result, their businesses are robbed of profitability and long-term success. You’ll discover the truth about what it takes to build your profit margin, as well as:

  • 5 critical skills needed to transform your business into a highly profitable asset that will provide the major portion of your retirement funding
  • 3 powerful ways to increase your company’s gross margin percent
  • The 3 blocks that get in the way of increased profit margins
  • 12 common beliefs held by most business owners – and why these false beliefs sabotage profits
  • The #1 obstacle to profitable pricing … and how to safely and effectively price your products and services so you can maximize profits

Included in the chapter is a Customer Profitability Comparison case study that demonstrates just how very important it is to attract high profit customers.

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend your “Pricing For Profit” workshop. It’s about time someone spilled the beans on where profit really comes from and how to get more of it. Before your seminar, I was too busy building our business to stop and take a look at where we were making our money. In your workshop, you made a strong case for why profitability needs to drive decisions and how business success depends on it. I now see sales and profits in a whole new light!”

Chad Bowman, Managing Partner,
Healthy Options Vending, Pleasanton, CA

Lesson 5 – Know What Customers Want

Customers want the best products and services they can afford. But the quality of what you offer is not the only factor that customers take into consideration when making buying decisions. Discover what really motivates customers – and the secrets to making your business their supplier of choice.

You’ll learn:

  • The single underlying force that is behind every purchase and sales transaction (this is really the only thing a person every really buys – even when purchasing things they need)
  • The 6 key buying motives and how to use them to increase your sales – and better serve your customers
  • When to sell money-based products and services … when to sell time savings instead (knowing which benefits to focus on makes a huge difference in your revenue – and profitability)
  • When to sell benefits and when to sell product features
  • The 3 most common factors that kill sales … and how to avoid them (these traits are hard-wired into how we function as humans – you’ll discover what’s really going on in your prospect’s mind so you can effectively overcome the objection)
  • Why trying to overcome sales resistance with logic usually backfires … and what to do instead
  • 4 keys to building strong relationships with customers – and what you must build first if you hope to have loyal customers
  • The best way to demonstrate your competence so customers feel confident purchasing from your business
  • 5 ways to create market value … and how to use these opportunities to compete more effectively in your industry
  • The 3 major causes of customer dissatisfaction … and the real reasons that customers leave (hint: most business owners are in denial about the #1 reason they’re losing customers)
  • The “real” definition of quality … and the most common mistake that business owners make in this area

Lesson 6 – Know Your Marketplace

Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. Learning how to compete effectively in it is vital to the continued growth and success of your business. Large, affluent companies and foreign competition often enjoy cost structures that are lower than your company’s. Trying to compete with them by offering low prices will put your company out of business faster than a New York minute.

You’ll discover:

  • 12 strategic characteristics that define your company’s “personality” and how it behaves (Bonus: you’ll receive a matrix to easily analyze each of your competitors … so you can increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts)
  • The 3 strategic positions that are available to any company … and the surprising reason why it’s wise to choose only 1
  • How to easily anticipate your competitors’ actions … and find ways for your company to excel when competing against them
  • 5 questions you can use to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every competitor – so you can properly position yourself and stand out in the marketplace
  • 5 specific ways to compete – and how to apply these strategies in your business
  • Time-proven tools and strategies to help your company compete using tactics other than price

“If you are looking to squeeze every nickel of profit from your business Chuck is the guy to help you do it. Chuck has this innate ability to pinpoint the profit leaks in your organization and help you get organized to run a smooth revenue generating business. I would recommend Chuck highly to anyone as a consultant, or alternatively, take one of his Profit Margin Magic workshops and watch your business soar!”

Birgit Rickert, Principal,
Results Marketing, Vallejo, CA

Lesson 7 – Develop Your Offerings

Profit comes from selling products and services that carry a high perceived value in the minds of prospects and customers. Discover how build uniqueness into your company’s products and services so your company stands apart from its competitors – and customers view you as indispensable.

You’ll discover:

  • 2 ways to make a product stand out from its competitors (your marketplace thinks that your products are about the same as your competitors’ — discover how to magnify differences and your profits will increase)
  • The most powerful tool you can use to build the perceived value of your product or service … and 7 key ways you can put this tool to work in your business
  • The shocking (and counterintuitive) way to increase the appeal of your company’s products and services
  • 14 proven ways to enhance your products and services (surprise – none of these involve improving your product)
  • How to match the right products and services with the right customers … so they pay higher prices (and your company earns more money!)
  • 4 filters to use when screening prospective customers to ensure that they return a profit to your company
  • The 4 common – yet highly flawed – ways that most business owners identify their most profitable customers … and what to consider instead
  • 6 top benefits your company will gain when you focus on high-profit customers The hands-down best way to gain a tremendous competitive advantage
  • The 8-part process to developing unique products and services that command a high perceived value in the minds of your prospects and customers (the higher your perceived value, the higher your margins and profit)

Lesson 8 – Price Your Products and Services

The #1 cause of business failure is pricing products and services too low. Discover how to price your company’s products and services for maximum profit – without losing customers.

You’ll discover:

  • What you must be clear on first (and able to explain to customers) before you can maximize the price you charge
  • Why most business owners fear raising their prices … and how to reframe your thinking on these topics so you can move past your resistance
  • How to distinguish between complaints that are only negotiating ploys – and the critical complaints that need to be remedied quickly and completely to preserve valuable customer relationships
  • Why traditional sales compensation programs gut your profit margins … and the more equitable way to compensate talented salespeople
  • Why setting a single price point for any particular product or service is a huge mistake (you’ll also learn how sell the same product or service at multiple prices to different customer segments)
  • Why introducing a new product at a low price just to capture market share is a huge mistake – and 3 reasons your ideal customers prefer to pay a higher price
  • The 4 most common reasons that business owners underprice their products and services … and proven ways to overcome these issues
  • 11 specific pricing strategies and how to use them to increase your profit margin
  • 11 powerful questions you can use to identify the true value your company provides (once you know the value, you can begin to adjust your prices accordingly)
  • 5 pricing fundamentals to use as a roadmap when identifying the proper prices for your products and services (use this system, and you’ll be positioned to earn maximum profit)
  • 15 different psychological variables that affect what prices customers will pay

Lesson 9 – Implement Sales Programs

Learn how to improve your company’s sales and marketing efforts – and additional selling techniques that you can use to increase full price sales.

  • The 6-word formula for extraordinary business success (Keep this top-of-mind to ensure that you’re always on the right track – the one that leads to prosperity and success)
  • The only 3 ways for your company to grow (it’s impossible for a business to stand still and remain profitable … so focusing on growth is essential)
  • The 3 principle objectives of your company’s marketing and sales functions … and how understanding these functions boosts your profitability
  • What to do if your sales team pushes you to allow discounting (warning: this may seem harsh and extreme, but it’s absolutely vital if you want to increase your profit margin)
  • How to avoid “roller coaster” marketing so you can smooth out cash flow
  • 3 reasons why customers won’t protest if you raise your prices … and how doing so actually increases the effectiveness of your sales and marketing programs
  • How to value the benefits your customers receive by using your company’s products and services
  • 5 things to consider when developing marketing and sales programs
  • 7 reasons why it’s imperative to serve only profitable customers
  • An 8-step program for attracting high-profit customers
  • 5 questions every prospect has (you must answer these questions to their satisfaction before they’ll buy from your company)
  • 3 things your company can do to develop a top-flight reputation with high-profit business owners
  • 5 strategies for making sales that are extraordinarily profitable, easy to implement and virtually free
  • Why add-on and up-sell programs are vital to increasing profit margin … and ideas for identifying these opportunities in your business
  • Why customer referrals are so valuable – and what you must do first before getting them
  • Proven ways to get more repeat business … and 13 reasons why repeat business is almost always more valuable than new business

“Throughout my sales career I believed that the only way to compete was by under-selling the competition. One day at Chuck’s workshop not only showed me how much more effective it was to sell the benefits of my system but taught me how to do it. My close rate has gone up 15% and I’m getting full price instead of discounting to the bone – a 3 – 5% increase.”

Susan Ault, Sales Consultant,
Physicians Computer Company, Pleasanton, CA

Lesson 10 – Measure performance

One of the biggest differences between profitable companies and businesses that struggle is the quality of their information management systems. Discover what you need to have in place to make effective business decisions and monitor your company’s operations, plus:

  • Why the financial statements you receive from your CPA are virtually useless when it comes to assisting you in the day-to-day management of your company
  • What information you need to become a better decision maker … and why having the right information when you need it is vital to your company’s success.
  • How to develop specific metrics for your company that will provide you with powerful insight about how to manage your business
  • 5 reasons why business owners typically lack timely and reliable financial management information … and what to do differently in your company
  • How to develop a daily reporting system so that you always know the financial position of your company
  • Why returned sales are more expensive than you think … and how they negatively impact your company’s bottom line
  • 4 common bookkeeping mistakes that can distort your financial reports and mislead you when making decisions are brought to light
  • Why it’s important to have a solid business plan … and the fastest and easiest way to get one
  • How to measure the amount of profit your company receives from each of its customers (knowing how much profit each individual customer provides is so vital to your success)

“From attending Chuck’s seminars throughout the years I found he is always bringing us new information. He always has wonderful insights on the business and psychological levels to help improve the bottom line. His information is valuable for all types of businesses. I guarantee you will learn and see things differently after attending one of Chuck’s seminars.”

Yvonne Bethe, owner
East Bay Wellness Group, Lafayette, CA

Profit Margin Magic Bonus Resources

Bonus Online Calculators and Templates for Fast, Easy and Accurate Pictures of Your Company’s Performance

In Profit Margin Magic, you’ll discover that there are many calculations you can and should be making to accurately calculate how profitable your company is – and how potential changes can affect your profitability.

Rather than giving detailed instructions about how to make these calculations (which, as a former CPA, even I admit are rather tedious), I’m making it easy and giving you access to online calculators and templates that do the number-crunching for you.

Just go to the private web page, enter your numbers, press the “calculate” button … and voila, the numbers you need will be presented in clear black and white. (And don’t worry, no one else – including me or anyone on my team – will have access to your calculations. We respect and protect your privacy.)

Here’s a look at the calculators and templates you’ll receive:

  • Economic Profitability Calculation Template. Economic profitability is different than the profit shown on statements provided by your accountant. Use this calculator to assess how well your company is really doing – including how well it’s able to provide adequate and competitive compensation to you as the owner.
  • Business Valuation Template. Market value is how much your company is worth – a critical number to know, monitor and increase if you ever hope to sell your business. Use this template to measure your company’s market value as it grows as a result of its continually increasing profitability.
  • Price/Cost Change Calculator. Changing prices doesn’t affect only your revenue – it affects 4 key profit drivers, as you’ll discover in Profit Margin Magic. Use this calculator to see how price changes will affect the drivers – and your bottom line.
  • Discount-Sensitivity Analysis. See first-hand the effect that discounting has on your company’s profitability. These templates will help you calculate exactly how much additional business is required to offset the profit-margin loss that results when you grant a discount. You can also use this form when raising prices to calculate how much business your company can afford to lose and still earn the same amount of profit.
  • Pricing Proficiency Assessment. Most business owners believe that their prices are just fine, but studies reveal that 96% of companies mis-price their offerings (92% charge too little and 4% charge too much). Use this quiz to assess whether your company’s prices are too low, too high, or just right.
  • Competitor Analysis Matrix. Use this handy tool to analyze your competitors on 12 key strategic characteristics. The insights you gain will be invaluable for increasing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts

You’ll also get access to numerous case studies and examples to illustrate how quickly your bottom line can grow when you implement the strategies outlined in Profit Margin Magic.

Why Your Fellow Business Owners Rave About This Training Program

Since 1996, Fat Margins has helped more than one hundred business owners increase the profitability of their companies. Profit Margin Magic gives you the same time-proven strategies and expert guidance we provide to our clients … in a convenient online training format that you can use on your own schedule.

By completing the course and implementing what you learn:

  • Your business will become more profitable. Past students have experienced a 35% to 100% (or more) increase in their bottom-line results.
  • Your operating cash flow will improve giving you more discretionary cash
  • Your company’s market value will increase dramatically, causing your net worth to increase exponentially.
  • You’ll have more time to spend working on your business instead of in it. Once you identify your high-profit clients and learn how to focus your sales and marketing programs on them, you’ll be able to generate the amount of revenue in less time … freeing up 10-15 hours per week for strategic activities (or even for fun).
  • You’ll generate greater profit … and you can use the extra cash to invest in growing your business, to make outside investments, or to give yourself a raise.
  • You’ll have greater confidence and peace of mind knowing that you’ve become a more skilled marketer and business owner.
  • You’ll join the elite 5% of all business owners who’s companies are truly profitable and have achieved outstanding success and financial freedom.

“Chuck has a habit of creating simple ideas as solutions that are extraordinarily powerful, and centered on the precise bull’s-eye.”

Ted Hoffman, Managing Principal,
Alliance Ventures, San Francisco, CA


Are You Ready To Get Started?

Unlock the Secret to Increase Net Profits 35-100% … for Less Than $1 a Day

Profit Margin Magic is the result of 40 years of experience and research from literally hundreds of sources. The tools, strategies, and techniques you’ll discover in this powerful program aren’t available in one place anywhere else.

If you wanted to work with me privately to gain these strategies and advice, you’d easily invest at least $50,000. (And even at that price, it wouldn’t come with the wisdom and perspective that you get by systematically going through each of the lessons yourself.)

Similar types of home-study programs retail for $1,000 or more. (And based on the calculations I’ve made – using the very same strategies you’ll discover in Profit Margin Magic – I can tell you that the course will be selling soon for at least that much.)

But because this is a brand-new course and I want to generate some more great testimonials and case studies, I’m offering a special introductory price for a limited time…

Just $299.

Considering that, at a bare minimum, the strategies and tools you’ll discover will generate at least a 20x return on your investment … $299 is an incredibly modest investment. Nearly every past participant has earned far more than that in additional income – minimally $1,000 per month, not including the increase in business market value that automatically accompanies their increased income.

In addition to the extensive workbook that you receive, FREE coaching is provide so that you’re about to get answers to questions that pop as you work through each lesson.

The coaching is provided via a weekly teleconference that you not only can, but are encouraged to participate in. These teleconferences aren’t webinars, where you simply listen to prepared material but instead are two way conversations, between you , me, and other business owners just like you.

The purpose of these teleconferences is to insure that our question are fully answered so that you’re able to get the most out of each lessons and to keep from getting stuck as you work through the material.

Each week ten separate teleconferences are held, one for each lesson in the course, each one is scheduled at it’s own specific time and day of the week so that you can incorporate them into your schedule. Each session covers only one lesson so that the material covered is on point with where you are in the course.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction and Results Are Guaranteed – or You Don’t Pay…

Your investment in Profit Margin Magic is protected by my personal, 2-part, total satisfaction guarantee:

Part 1: 30-Day Risk Free Review

Take the next 30 days to go through the entire course, use the calculators and templates, and begin applying the strategies. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, simply send me an email or call my office to request a refund. Every penny of your investment will be refunded – no questions asked.

Part 2: 20x ROI in the Next 12 Months

I know first hand from working with hundreds of clients that the strategies explained in Profit Margin Magic work to increase profit margin. If you implement what you learn, you’ll increase your profit – guaranteed.

I promise that you’ll increase profit by at least $6,000 (a little more than twenty times its special purchase price) over the next 12 months. If you don’t, simply send me a letter explaining what you’ve done to implement the program and the results you’ve achieved … and your money will be promptly refunded in full.