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Are Your Members Competing against Their Competitors’ Price

and sacrificing the majority of their profits in the process?

One of the most formidable challenges your members face is maintaining adequate profit margins when competing against price cutting competition.

How To Win Price Wars Without Losing Your Shirt gives your members practical and proven strategies, tips and techniques that enable them to overcome price cutters and earn far more profit, regardless of industry.

They learn to overcome the Skinny Margins Myth, the number one obstacle standing between them and fat profit margins. This myth says that a business has to charge rock-bottom prices to succeed. Although absolutely false, it is the most common and costly profit-killer in the business world, wreaking havoc with your members businesses. This myth is robbing them of thousand upon thousands of dollars in lost profit every year.

Some of the vital topics covered in the program include:

  • Why blindly chasing after every possible sale almost always brings diminished returns –
  • Why efforts to slash expenses often costs a company it’s best customers
  • Why charging by the hour is the kiss of death… for both the company and the customer – Why cost-based pricing causes businesses to leave large piles of cash on the table
  • How to attract and keep high-profit customers…while tactfully avoiding those that cost more than they’re worth
  • How to successfully sell products and services at prices that are higher than competitors’
  • How to increase profit margins without raising prices or cutting costs…impossible you’re thinking? It’s not only possible, it’s simple to do and highly profitable.

Here’s a program that’s not only rich in content but will keep your members on the edge of their seats…and wanting more.

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Some of the groups which have benefited from Chuck’s presentations:

  • Alliance of Chief Executives*
  • American Composite Manufacturers Association*
  • American Marketing Association
  • Bay Bank of Commerce
  • California Certified Public Accountants Management Advisory Group
  • California Nursery Association*
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  • Comerica Bank*
  • Executive Adivsory Forum*
  • Golden West Cultured Marble Association*
  • Heritage Bank
  • International Executives Association
  • Kelly Moore Paints
  • National Association of Catering Executives
  • New Jersey Alliance of Automotive Service Providers
  • New Jersey Gasoline and Convenience Store Association
  • Northern California Painting and Decorating Contractors Association*
  • San Francisco Petroleum Accountant’s Society

* Denotes multiple presentation

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