Results you can Expect

Frequently Achieved Top 10 Results

Here are the breakthroughs frequently achieved by business owners who follow the Fat Margins’ strategies, techniques, and tools:

  1. A profit margin increase of 5 – 50%…without losing customers.
  2. An increased net income of 20-200%.
  3. A 50-100% (or more) increased market value of their business.
  4. An improved value placed on their products and services by potential and current customers. The result? More prospects become customers, current customers stay long-term, and all are willing to pay higher, more profitable prices.
  5. A restructuring or elimination of relationships with customers who cost more than they are worth.
  6. An increase in add-on, repeat, and referral sales – typically the most profitable sales a company can have.
  7. Can remain competitive with competitors who attempt to lure customers away by offering lower prices.
  8. Can determine when their prices are too high, too low, or just right (and stop losing money because they charge too little, or too much!).
  9. Are able to permanently remove the knots in their stomachs they feel when quoting prices AND quote prices in a way that stops customers from pushing for discounts.
  10. Can insure they are fully compensated for the value they give to their clients.

The Fat Margins Profit Margin Mastery courses produce tangible results:

Fat Margins’ clients typically see annual profit and cash flow increases of $20,000 – $150,000 when they fully implement the program’s strategies and techniques.

You can realize these very same results for your business by taking advantage of the margin-building tools and information you’ll find at

What you’ll find:

  • Results-proven workshops, webinars and seminars to help you build a consistently profitable, long-lasting asset that you can one day sell for top dollar.
  • Free Profit Worksheets, Articles, and Case Studies that support the Fat Margins program.