I met Chuck when he gave an impassioned talk about profitability. He told the audience how small tweaks to pricing, strategy and expenses can make a big difference to the bottom line. I followed him out of that meeting and hired him to do a profitability audit for my company. He took the time to get to know my business, services and numbers. He spoke to staff and the accountant and spent quite a bit of time understanding all aspects before making recommendations. His suggestions were on point and easy to understand. We’ve made quite a few of them and will have a record-breaking year this year. Thank you, Chuck!

Julie Chendes, SPHR Next Level Strategies, San Francisco, CA

Charles Moyer breathed life into our company…He worked with us to solve our cash flow problems and identify the profitable areas of our business…Since then our flight instructor staff has gone from 6 to 18, and the increased number of students has had a ripple effect on all other aspects of our business – aircraft sales leasebacks, maintenance, fuel, etc.

Ron Sorenson, Owner, Navajo Aviation, Concord, CA

Chuck Moyer’s suggestions helped us increase gross margins by over 8% and reduced our inventory investment by $115,000 while increasing sales and profitability. We’ve gone from worrying about paying our bills to worrying about paying too much income tax.

Bink McDonald, Owner, Comet Auto Supply, Hayward, CA

In over thirty years of business our body shop had never earned a profit of more than $75,000 until now. This year we ended-up earning $154,000; more than doubling our previous best. This increase is directly tied to the changes we made after attending one of Chuck Moyer’s workshops.

Ted MendelsonOwnerMendelson Auto BodySan Ramon, CA

I recently bought an historic hotel in Costa Rica and almost immediately raised our average room rate to $130 per night from a historic, or hysteric average of $63. Yes, we lost some occupancy. It dropped from an average of 300 rental nights to 243 last month. This will improve with more and better marketing. Following the strategies taught by Chuck Moyer in his Fat Margin programs our monthly net income increased by $12,690.”

Dave LaBarreOwnerCasa del Mar

Fat Margins assists businesses to increase margins systematically. I’m glad I was introduced to Chuck Moyer!

Randall MartinVice President Sales & MarketingSkyline Building CareDanville, CA

Charles Moyer has been invaluable to our division, as a guest speaker and a technical resource. His fields of expertise are broader than any colleague I have ever had…If I could just clone Chuck, I would then have a limitless number of associates who were highly intelligent, technologically cutting-edge, experienced, creative,…personable, honorable, ethical and totally professional…”

Virginia BrunellBusiness Division ChairDiablo Valley CollegePleasant Hill, CA

Chuck showed us how to monitor and manage our margins. As a result, we stopped losing money on some of our sales and our gross profit has grown about 4%. In our industry that’s huge.

Tim SmithPresidentAccurate ImpressionsDublin, CA

Chuck has a habit of creating simple ideas as solutions that are extraordinarily powerful, and centered on the precise bull’s-eye.

Ted HoffmanManaging PrincipalAlliance VenturesSan Francisco, CA

One of the best motivational business speakers I have ever heard. Excellent content. A must for this economy.

Heather HindmarshOwnerCorporate Stress ManagementDanville, CA